For the Love of Food

Welcome to the
Namibian Chefs Association

For the Love of Food

Welcome to the
Namibian Chefs Association

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Chefs associations connect you with a supportive network of culinary professionals for knowledge sharing and career opportunities.


Associations provide educational resources, certifications, and mentorship to help you advance your culinary skills and knowledge..

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Associations represent your interests as a chef, offer exclusive resources, and provide platforms to showcase your talent.

Why Choose Us

Chef Course

This course for them who want To be a chef for their profession

Best Chef

Our chef is atrained professional and tradesman who is proficient

Best Chef

Our chef is atrained professional and tradesman who is proficient

Our Story

A Culinary Tale

We empower the catering industry by keeping members informed, showcasing Namibian cuisine and chefs, and celebrating culinary excellence. For over 38 years, we’ve driven innovation and fostered a thriving culinary community.

Our Objectives

Promoting The Industry

As a non profit we’re here to be the voice of the industry.

  • To promote the common interests of the members of the Association and to deal with all such matters that will promote the sound development of the Catering industry in Namibia.
  • To obtain representation on any board or body, government, Regional, Municipal or otherwise, concerned with the regulation, control of any matter or thing concerned with the catering industry including Training and upliftment.
  • To improve and foster a Professional image and Professional state for the Food and Catering Industry as a whole, namely supplier, user and producer.
  • To at all times strive to promote and further the Namibian Food and Culinary producer image, locally and abroad.
  • To endeavor to build and promote a new Namibian Culinary image which is unique.
  • To assist and promote a professional line of communication between supplier and user with the emphasis on support of the local industry.
  • To promote and assist in the training of local Restaurants, Waiters, Chefs and related professions.
  • To endeavor that a local Culiniare takes place in Namibia at least once a year with the emphasis on the intermediate sector of our trade, thus promoting and assisting the future of our industry.
  • To name a National Team to compete abroad and carry our National Flag abroad and to promote local products in competition dishes exhibited abroad.
  • To on a regular basis present a Food Fair, ensuring promotion of Namibian Products and trade in the Namibian Chefs Association.
  • Foster a positive relationship between all Food and Catering colleagues.
  • The Association will not involve itself in Union/Wage dispute of political matters.
  • The Association will be a non-profit make organization.
  • To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of these objectives or any of them and to consider and deal with such other matters as may be decided by a General Meeting of the Association, to be in the interest of it’s members.

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Who Can Apply?

Our association is open to all passionate culinary professionals and those working in the hospitality industry. Whether you're a seasoned chef, an aspiring cook, or a dedicated front-of-house expert, we welcome you to join our community. Our association connects professionals from every corner of the hospitality industry.

Interested in becoming a member? It's easy! Click the button above to download our application form. Fill it out and send it to We look forward to welcoming you to our association!

Our membership fees are designed to be flexible and cater to different needs. You'll find all the details about our fee structure in the registration form.

Global Recognition

By joining the Namibian Chefs Association you get automatic membership to the World Chefs Association.


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